Visit Our Local Nursery Today

Visit Our Local Nursery Today

Find great deals at our garden center in Brick Township, NJ

Looking for the perfect plants to add to your landscaping design? Stop by the garden center at Seaside Farm and Garden in Brick Township, NJ today. Our local nursery features a wide variety of beautiful plants and flowers that will look amazing in your yard.

We carry an array of quality nursery stock, including:

  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Herbs and veggies
  • Hanging baskets
  • Fall decorations

Don't miss out on the incredible inventory available at our garden center. Call 732-600-2563 now to speak with us about your landscaping needs.

Pick a pro to install your new plants

If your lack of a green thumb makes planting new flowers and shrubs in your yard impossible, don't fret-the landscapers at Seaside Farm and Garden are prepared to help. The team from our local nursery in Brick Township, NJ is well-equipped to install plants of all types.

During the holidays, you can also hire us to install Christmas trees, wreaths and grave blankets.

For more details about our plant installation services, contact Seaside Farm and Garden today.